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MAF Walking

A unique personalized workout plan from Dr. Philip Maffetone

Do you want more health and fitness, or add benefits to your current training, rehab, or aerobic conditioning? How can you easily and safely start or reintroduce an exercise program? It’s easy, literally, and it’s simple. Walk!

The MAFmaximum aerobic function walking plan helps us quickly burn off more body fat, slim down and lose weight, perform better physically and mentally, prevent and avoid injuries and illness, and obtain many other benefits too.

MAF Walking combines the metabolic benefits of fat-burning with the inherent value of effective aerobic walking.

If you have excess body fat, injuries, mental or physical fatigue, or other health and fitness problems, MAF Walking can quickly help you change that. Whether complementing an existing exercise routine or starting all over, I’m going to discuss how you can tailor MAF Walking to match your particular needs.